Artist Profile: Bhare

Written by Harriet Maher

July 27, 2022

Raw, honest, and frenetic, Shareon Blenman aka Bhare is one of the most exciting artists I’ve encountered in years. Working across large-scale canvases, textiles, digital media and NFTs, his works speak to the often chaotic and friction-filled existence of our contemporary age. The artist earnestly seeks a way to navigate the inherent contradictions of life with compassion and insight by incorporating text, illustration and animation in his works. For me, it’s the bold use of colour, the unique, unwavering drawing style and especially the decontextualised lines from the artist’s journals, which read like abstract poetry, that make Bhare’s works so compelling and powerful.


Image courtesy of the artist

I was lucky enough to scoop some insight into Bhare’s artistic process, the inspiration behind his work, and where he’s planning on heading next.

HM: Describe your process of art making

SB: My process involves lots of journals and introspection. I don’t usually walk into a new piece with an idea or theme. I tend to get into a perfectionist mindset easily while somehow getting anxious about it all at the same time. To counteract that I pull lines from my journal even if it doesn’t make sense. To give an example, I have a line that says BY THE DIM CORNER, STORE SHELVES ARE EMPTY. From there I break down what I can use to convey a proper message. I guess you can say that I make a mind-map of how I can inflate the idea. Then I just go all in on canvas, giving myself to try out a new technique in each piece.

HM: Why do you think NFTs are a valuable tool for artists and creatives?

SB: NFTs allow artists to really have a traceable stake in their work. They are exploring so many new avenues, showing off all the talent we truly have. Artists and creatives are able to stamp their name in a history book of their own making for the first time without heavy amounts of outside approval. Being able to sell my work in such a space has brought me so much confidence and drive which has always been valuable to me.


Image courtesy of the artist

HM: How would you describe your artistic style in 3 words?



HM: What do you hope your art does for people?

SB: I hope it sparks a conversation, the questions bring us closer together. I want to give the viewer a chance to really step out of (themselves) to understand why they would connect with a piece. Abstraction allows the mind to go to a place we would never have dreamed of.


Bhare, Long Wednesday. Acrylic on Canvas with digital edits, 2021

HM: What’s next for you?

SB: Painting, painting, and more painting. I want to tap into home decor and understanding how to design a space, as well as inserting myself into a fashion space. More exciting NFT projects, but that is on the down low with more news to come 🙂

Images courtesy of the artist

I can’t wait for new work and more announcements! Stay up to date with Bhare on Instagram and Twitter

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